High Fidelity,
Both Physical
and Functional

Attention to

Our proprietary flight controls are the finest representations of helicopter flight controls on the market.

Hundreds of hours were invested designing and engineering the cyclic, throttle, and adjustable anti-torque pedals to their exact specifications.

Through attention to the finest detail, X-Copter delivers a true, hands-on flight experience.

is Built in.


Inside the cockpit are two high-resolution touchscreen monitors powered by the TouchTrainer® avionics simulator. This software renders incredibly accurate representations of the Garmin G500H and the IFR-ready Garmin GNS 530/430 WAAS.

The TouchTrainer® instrument panels can be changed from glass to steam gauges within seconds. Instrumentation displayed includes HSI, DME, transponder, VOR, marker beacons, and an active audio panel.

A Truly

Graphics & Visual System

X-Copter produces immersive and extraordinarily crisp, in-flight visuals. Three, massive HD displays and two, in-cockpit monitors with touchscreen technology deliver fluid graphics and highly customizable cockpit displays.

Simulation visuals are driven by the latest professional grade visual computing and gaming graphics hardware, running the best available physics and mapping systems available for flight simulation.

A Truly

Tactile Vibration Cues

Tactile transducers give the pilot a direct kinesthetic sense of engine and rotor operation. Variable vibrations alert the user to the smallest changes in rotor RPM, offering precise feel and control of the aircraft.

Foreflight Integration

The simulation package is seamlessly integrated with ForeFlight Mobile providing geo-referencing data via WiFi. The X-Copter unlocks the full features of ForeFlight including synthetic vision, flight planning and approach plates.

Flight Environment

The package includes an approach database for the contiguous United States, and 33,000 airports with worldwide scenery.